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About me

Picture of me holding my R2D2 coffee mug.

Hi there!

I am a mathematician and (currently) Senior Developer Experience Engineer based in Florianópolis, Brazil. I have an 8-year-old son and enjoy crocheting, knitting, cross-stitch embroidery and all sorts of crafts. I am interested in math, programming, free/open-source software and communities, crafts, science fiction and parenting. My pronouns are she/her.

I work at Quansight, and dedicate my time to NumPy, SciPy and other open-source projects. I care deeply about teaching, mentoring, and have been involved in the Python community for some time. You can find most of my talk slides here or on GitHub; feel free to use those according to the licenses stated in each repo.

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn, and you can also reach me via email at

My background

I have a B.S. in Mathematics and Scientific Computing by the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil), M.S. in Mathematics by the same university and Ph.D. in Applied Math by the Facultés Universitaires Notre Dame de la Paix, in Namur (Belgium) where I was advised by Professor Philippe Toint.

After my Ph.D., I spent 9 years as a professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil), teaching, doing some research and other administrative work at the Math Department. My research interests include smooth optimization (mainly nonlinear programming), numerical analysis, the numerical solution of large-scale linear systems and the implementation of software for scientific computing.